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    Tire Retreading in Hampton Roads, Virginia

    Image of Tire Retreading
    Retreading your tires provides you with an affordable alternative to tire replacement. Don’t throw them away, reuse them. Retreading them allows us to replace the current tread with tread that will last longer. This keeps you from having to buy an entire new set of tires. On top of that, we carefully inspect your tires before beginning the process of retreading them. The good news is, after properly buffing and retreading the tires, we inspect them for a final time to ensure you get the very best product.

    Good for the Earth and Your Wallet

    There’s no doubt about it, retreading or recapping your tires is good for your budgtet. It keeps you from spending your paycheck on a new set of tires. But tire retreading is good for the earth, too. By recycling your old tires, you’re reducing the amount of waste dumped on our earth. So when you retread your tires, you can rest easy. In addition, you're eliminating the waste and energy needed to produce more tires. You’re saving money and saving our planet at the same time. Choose to live a little greener and recap your tires today.

    When you bring your tires in for retreading, our inspection not only checks to make sure tires can be retreaded, but we can evaluate the wear on your tire. You may want to consider an alignment or suspension check as well to prolong the life of your tires.

    Contact The Original Cider Tire at 757-543-6182 and get an estimate on your tire-recapping job or other tire needs. Our friendly team of experts is ready to help.