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    New and Used Tires in Hampton Roads, VA

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    Getting your tires replaced is important, especially if your current tires are more than six years old. Good tires help you keep traction while driving and reduce the risk of hydroplaning in wet conditions. Because of this, keeping your tires in good condition is important to help keep you and other drivers safe. Do the responsible thing and replace your old tires. Your car will thank you. Contact us today to explore our variety of tire replacement options and receive an estimate.

    New Tires

    New tires are the ideal option for anyone looking to replace their current tires. New tires wear evenly, are long-lasting and reliable. You can trust that they’ve been carefully inspected. New tires will provide you with years of traction, control and stability. At The Original Cider Tire, we offer high-quality tires that we can install on your vehicle in a matter of minutes.

    Used Tires

    Although many people are skeptical of purchasing used tires instead of new ones, they can provide a great alternative. Used tires are affordable and good for the environment. By reusing old tires, you’re reducing needless waste and helping the earth. We carefully inspect all our tires to ensure you receive the best possible product and performance.

    Complete Tire Services

    It’s a good idea to constantly monitor the wear on your tires. Tires that show uneven wear can be a sign that your car needs to be serviced. Uneven wear on your tires could be due to tire misalignment or suspension problems, or it could indicate that your tires need to be rotated. The Original Cider Tire offers alignment and suspension services as well as retreading for your tires. Call 757-543-6182 to schedule an appointment!