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    Custom Car Tires in Hampton Roads, VA

    new tires
    Your car is an extension of who you are. Let it reflect your personality. Drop by The Original Cider Tire today and learn more about our custom tire and wheel options. With a wide variety of options available, you can personalize your vehicle in any number of ways. There are lots of reasons to customize your vehicle. Stop by our store today to get started. What will you upgrade for?

    Custom Tire and Wheel Benefits

    Style and Stability
    Whether you want your car to look sleek and modern, or just want to feel like you have more control on the road, we can customize your wheels to get the job done.
    Acceleration and Cornering
    Speed. Control. Power. Upgrade your vehicle today and experience the full power of your car. Stop by our shop today and own the roads.
    Smooth Ride
    Experience a ride more relaxing than ever before. Customize your tires to get the smoothest ride around. Contact our team for more information.
    Year-Round Use
    For those who need their tires to endure a variety of weather and multiple seasons, choose tires that will provide you with reliable, year-round use.
    Traction Control
    Feel the road beneath you. Stop worrying about hydroplaning and start enjoying your drive. Traction control tires help you to maintain your control on the road.

    Local Custom Tire Experts

    At The Original Cider Tire, we’re your local tire experts. We’ve got the supplies, the skill and the incredible team needed to take care of all your auto needs. Drop by the store today and meet our crew, or give us a call at 757-543-6182 to receive an estimate on your next customization job.