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    Brake and Alignment Checks in the Norfolk, VA Area

    Image of Brake Repairs
    When your car gives you trouble with handling, steering and stopping, don’t ignore it or wait for it to resolve itself. Get it checked out early. Waiting to check on damages can actually increase the risk of further damage. Contact The Original Cider Tire today if your car is making noises while applying the brakes or shaking while driving. Our team of friendly mechanics can help to diagnose and resolve the problem early on. Read about some common car issues below and give us a call if you think your car fits any of the descriptions below.

    Check the Alignment

    The alignment of your car does a lot more than most people expect. You don’t notice when your car is properly aligned, but you certainly notice it when it’s off. Your car could need to be realigned if you find your vehicle drifting, the tires are enduring uneven wear or if you have to turn the wheel while driving straight. Contact our office today if your car does any of these things and we’ll get you taken care of and back on the road in no time.

    Suspension Adjustments

    Suspension adjustments can be hard to identify because they share some of the same symptoms as alignment issues. In addition to the uneven wear and tear on your tires, cars that need suspension adjustments may cause a rocking feeling or bounce when driving. You may feel excessive bouncing when going over even small bumps. Adjusting the suspension of your car can be a quick fix. Just bring your car down to The Original Cider Tire and we’ll get your car running smoothly again.

    Brake Repairs

    The brakes of your car are obviously important, but many drivers wait a dangerous amount of time before having them fixed when they’re acting up. Your brakes should be looked at if you hear a noise when braking, the pedal feels hard to push down or if the brake light comes on. This can reduce the risk of accidents and keep you and surrounding drivers safe. If you're experiencing alignment, suspension or brake problems, call The Original Cider Tire at 757-543-6182.